Experience does wonderful things for growth. Our growth at Consignments Unlimited has brought over 8,000 consignors and over 1,000,000 items which found new homes. We want to pass on this wisdom we have gained to help you become a successful consignor. These guidelines are offered to help you as you prepare to bring us your things.


Money Earners

Money earners are what you are when you become a consignor. This is the best part. You bring it and we sell it. You get your money with no more bother on your part. It is based on the quality and quantity of items you bring to sell. Items that are seller ready will be consigned at a 40% share for you. Items needing pre-selling preparation will be consigned at 30% share. Consignments run for 2 months.

Consignment Time

Consignment time is made with the you the consignor in mind. We know when you have cleaned out, you want it out of the house and off your mind – Now! Our staff is available to quickly process your items while you wait. We accept consignments without an appointment Monday through Thursday from 10am-6pm.  If these times don’t fit your schedule, we will work with you to make better arrangements. Call ahead and ask us what we have available to receive your consignment.


Seasons are a general rule to follow. Time is so important. It decides if you sell your things at full price or sale price. If in doubt, just give us a call. We will guide you through to a good decision. The following is our Calendar for when we begin to accept seasonal consignments, including clothes, home decor, etc.

  • Spring: Mid-January/February
  • Summer: March/April
  • Fall/Back to School: July/August
  • Winter/Christmas: Mid-September/October
  • Snow/Cold Gear: Mid-October/November

Good Condition

Good condition means NEW OR LIKE-NEW Condition. All pieces and parts must be included with an item to make it sell-able. Please do not bring parts to something just because someone may need it. Items with YARD SALE stickers are not accepted.


Current Style

Current style, two years old is the standard that our customers are looking for. There are some styles that are classics and we take that into consideration. If you can’t remember when or where your items came from, they will probably not be accepted on consignment.


Pills are those troublesome balls of fiber that come from washing and wearing clothing. Sweaters, sweat shirts, pants, and most other clothing will show wear this way. You will find pills under the arms and across the belly area of shirts and dresses.  They also appear on the inner thigh area of pants. We do not accept clothing with pills. If you take the time at home, a sweater shaver or even a razor will remove this.

Freshly Cleaned or Laundered


Freshly cleaned or laundered is so important! Immediately we and our customers see, smell and feel the difference.  Fresh is not stored in boxes or totes in the basement or garage from last year. Pull it out and run it through the washing machine in the same week you are bringing your clothing to consign. Or “scrub” items with hot soapy water. If your items come from a home with smokers, you will want to take measures to remove the smell. DRY CLEANING is only necessary if there is no other way to clean the item. Please consider your cost for the dry cleaning. Then decide if you will still make a profit. If you don’t think so then put it in the donation pile.

Wrinkle Free

Wrinkle free is the best way we can try to describe what used to be called IRONING. Now it’s permanent press. Some of us just have different descriptions of pressed. So as best you can, your clothing should be pressed, or taken immediately from the dryer before any wrinkles set in. Hang clothing on hangers or fold and lay flat until you bring them to Consignments Unlimited.

Toys, Baby Items and Equipment

Toys, Baby Items and equipment are taken if they meet safety standards. Please do not bring items that have a recall on them. NO cribs, mattresses or car seats are taken. Please place any small toys or loose items in a zip lock bag. Again, all pieces should be included with toys and games. Visit this site to check on the safety and recall issues of your baby items – www.cpsc.gov

Pre-Selling Preparation

Pre-Selling Preparation is given to items that need cleaned, ironed, dusted, washed, any loose parts bagged, or jewelry, toys and other items that need specialty packaging.

Donated or Unaccepted Items

Donated or Unaccepted Items are items that are not consignable for one reason or another.  These items will be taken home by the consignor or given to the current organization which picks up items consignors opt to donate. Donations may also go to other community causes, ministries or disaster efforts. Items are also occasionally placed in free bins or the refuse disposal container.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, How to Consign, and Consignment Terms.