These are our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your question listed, please don’t hesitate to call 717-362-8108.



What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express plus Cash and Checks.

Do you have lay away?

Yes, we offer a convenient 2 week lay away. A small 10% deposit is required. One-day store hold is also offered with no deposit.

Do you have a return policy?

Due to the nature of our business, we can only offer a 2-day return policy. Your receipt and attached price tag are required when returning an item. All other sales are final. Refunds are given in the original form of payment.



Will I get a receipt or list of items for consignment when I leave my things to sell?

Although some stores do give immediate receipts, Consignments Unlimited does not operate this way. Since our first consignor, we have built our company on the value of trust. It may not be popular in some industries, but at Consignments Unlimited, our proven trust with thousands of clients has given the credibility needed to confirm we are here to do the same for you.

These are reasons we do not give immediate receipts.

  1. We do not type up consignments while you wait. There are many times when customers and consignors are coming in for service at the same time. Because we serve our consignors without an appointment, it is not easy to type up an inventory list while consignors wait.
  2. In the process of typing and then labeling, we may see an item or piece of clothing with a flaw that we missed the first time through.  This item would then be donated.  The actual consigned items list would not match items initially accepted on an immediate receipt.
  3. If you make up your own inventory list, please know that your description may not match the description that Consignments Unlimited gives to your item. Example: You have one pink linen coat on your list. Consignments Unlimited described the same item as: one melon jacket.
  4. If you would like a consignment inventory list, please call us five days after the start date of your current consignment (indicated on your card given to you at the time of consigning). This will give our processing team sufficient time to complete the entry of your items. The small fee of $1.00 will be deducted from your earnings payment for this service.


How much money will I make and how do I get my money?

  • Items that are seller ready will be consigned at a 40% share for you.
  • Items needing pre-selling preparation, such as cleaning, ironing or upholstery sanitizing will be consigned at a 30% share for you.

To receive your payment, simply stop by the store and either pick it up or use the amount in your consignor account as store credit.  Store credit simply deducts the amount used towards your purchase directly from your account. Some like to think of it as “free money.”

Another option is to have it mailed to you. It is the consignor’s responsibility to contact Consignments Unlimited for payment.

How does Consignments Unlimited price Items?

We stay current with retail and resale competitors. All factors are taken into consideration; brand name, style and condition, plus the areas market value of items. We encourage your feedback with the higher priced items you bring to sell. Tell us what you paid and how long ago you purchased the item.

What happens to the items after I bring them to you?

The items you brought in will be processed by a member of Consignments Unlimited staff. Accepted items will be inventoried and tagged for sale. Unsellable items may be donated or disposed of. Donations are currently picked up by Blessings to You Clothing Ministry, but they may also go to other community causes, ministries or disaster efforts. Items may be placed in free bins or in the refuse disposal container.

What happens to my items when the consignment time is expired?

There are two options.

First Option:

  • First, you can leave your unsold items in the store. As the transfer is made to store property, several things could occur. Items may be pulled for general donation to Blessings to You Clothing Ministry. Items may be donated to any immediate community need – a family has a fire, a single mom is trying to make it alone, children are in between families and have only a few possessions, a missions organization is sending items to a country facing a natural disaster, a school drama club is fund raising. In addition, left behind items may be sold for profit if they remain in the store.

Second Option:

  • Come in by your expire date and pull your items from the store racks and shelves. An unsold inventory list is supplied so you can check off your items as they are pulled to take home.

Please REMEMBER – You will take responsibility for your unsold items to be gathered by your expiration date. We do not make reminder calls or pull your expired items for you.

Do you give tax receipts?

No, we do not, although some use their unsold inventory list for that purpose.

What are your business hours? When can I bring my consignment in?

Business Hours and Consigning Hours are different.

Business Hours are Monday through Saturday 9:30am-7pm. Fridays 9:30am-8pm.

Consignment Hours are Monday through Thursday 10am-6pm – No appointment necessary. If these times do not suit your schedule, please call 717-362-8108 to schedule a personal appointment.