Putting the FUN into fundraising!

Fundraising with Consignments Unlimited is definitely a departure from bake sales and car washes. It is fun and unique, as well as easy! All you have to do is rally your team, club or office staff, and Consignments Unlimited is here to do the rest. We have several options of fundraising available.  For a quick look at what FUNdraising at Consignments Unlimited entails, watch our funky How-To Video below!

We can help you customize your Fundraiser to best suit your needs.

You can set up an Open Fundraiser, which runs year round for your group.  Anyone can come in during store hours and drop off items to be consigned for your group.  Most of our fundraisers are set up in this continual, convenient way for an easy all-the-time source of cash.

You can also set up a Short Term Fundraiser, if your group has more immediate goals.  You would need to collect all your group’s items to be consigned.  Then bring all of the items into the store on one date.  Your group’s accepted items will be consigned all at once for a quicker turn-around.


There are some basic group responsibilities. They are:

  • Ask all of your team to follow the Consigning Guidelines, provided by your personal fundraising coach.
  • Bring the best of their items to us to sell for your organization.
  • Collect your money from Consignments Unlimited on your pay dates.

Campaign Organizers Tips for Success

  1. Know your dream or goal for this fundraiser.
  2. Know how much money you need to reach the goal.
  3. Set a date when you want the money.
  4. Have a person committed to helping you organize the launching meeting.
  5. Enlist a person to handle follow-up contacts.
  6. Prepare a list of participants from your organization with phone numbers and email addresses.
  7. Plan an awards or celebration party for your group’s success.

For complete details, please contact Consignments Unlimited. We look forward to being your source for unexpected growth!