Follow these simple steps for consigning success!

We are committed to giving you the best consignment experience possible. Before we begin, watch this fun How-To-Consign video as Jacob, Darian and Jaben help give you the basic steps to consigning. Consigning is fun and easy! These simple steps will help you get started at becoming a successful consignor. We encourage you to scroll further for more detailed information! Let’s begin!

1) Create 2 Piles – One to Consign and One to Donate.


Donations Pile = Unsellable at Consignments Unlimited

Unsellable items should go into a pile for you to donate.

Unsellable items include:

  • Clothing with flaws, holes, stains, pills, missing buttons, or broken zippers
  • Broken, chipped, cracked items
  • Items missing parts
  • Electronics not working
  • Wedding or Prom Dresses
  • Most Business Suits and Formal Wear
  • Cribs
  • Car Seats
  • Mattresses
  • Most Stemware, Glasses, and Mugs


Consignments Unlimited = Acceptable Items

CLOTHING: ‘Wearables’ that are in current style, great shape and purchased in the last two years go to Consignments Unlimited. Clothing you bring to us must be in good condition, freshly cleaned or laundered, wrinkle-free, and neatly folded or on hangers.


NON-CLOTHING ITEMS: These account for a large portion of shoppers’ repeat visits and purchases. So, look around. What don’t you use?

Some of the Non-clothing things our customers love include:

  • Shoes & Accessories (purses, jewelry, etc)
  • Home Decor
  • Home & Outdoor Furniture
  • Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances
  • Toys & Games
  • Electronics

Non-clothing items must have all working parts, and be in good condition.

BABY ITEMS: Baby items, equipment and clothing must be in pristine condition.

Acceptance of items will be based on the amount of in-stock similar merchandise and  our shoppers’ buying preferences. We take what customers are buying.

2) Learn what season’s items we are currently accepting.

  • Spring: Mid-January/February
  • Summer: March/April
  • Fall/Back to School: July/August
  • Winter/Christmas: Mid-September/October
  • Snow/Cold Gear: Mid-October/November

3) Get your things to Consignments Unlimited!

Bring them in Monday through Thursday between 10am and 6pm. If this consignment time is inconvenient, please call ahead and we will gladly make a personal appointment.

There! The not-so-hard part is done. You have cleaned out – so congratulations! You are now ready to make money!


For more information, see Consigning Guidelines , Frequently Asked Questions, and Consignment Terms.