Consigning for those who live in the fast lane


One of our most favored consignment services is QuickDrop. Many of us have days where we are hurrying here or there. On your way, stop by CU. We can receive your consignment in a once and done process. To make this as easy as possible, here are the requirements for our QuickDrop service.

  • Have an established account.  If you do not already have a Consignor Account, you cannot do QuickDrop.  To set-up an account, stop in during normal consigning hours.
  • Understand the guidelines and only drop off items that meet the guidelines. (For more information, visit How To Consign.)
  • For hanging clothing, tie or rubberband the hangers together. Cover with a garment bag, or an upside down trash bag slipped over the hanger necks.
  • Non-hanging clothing and items must be boxed or bagged. (Exceptions are made for large items.)
  • Write your NAME AND CONSIGNMENT NUMBER with a black permanent marker on EVERY container, bag or hanging bundle. Labels with your info are also recommended for applying to your items. Be sure to make the number LARGE. Example: 2354
  • Fill out a Quick-Drop form at the store and place in basket.
  • Unaccepted items will not be returned. Please include all parts or item will not be accepted.
  • Hangers, totes or other containers will not be returned. If you want your container, our staff will transfer your consignment items to a CU container before you leave the store. Simply let us know you want your containers back.


When using QuickDrop, you Agree to the QuickDrop Service Agreement below:

  1. You will honor this agreement and only drop off consign-able items.
  2. Consignors who choose to misuse this agreement will be suspended from this program.
  3. We understand that occasionally there will be selections that you drop off that will not be accepted.  These occasional items will be donated.  However, we are not a charity donation center.

It’s that QUICK! It’s that EASY! We will gladly do the rest to help make QuickDrop the best stop of your busy day.