What happens to your items next?

Accepted items will be inventoried and tagged for sale on a two month consignment.

  • Items that are seller ready will be consigned at 40% share for you.
  • Items needing pre-selling preparation will be consigned at 30% share for you. This includes items that require ironing and/or cleaning, bagging etc..
  • Items of high value that are priced over $100 will be consigned at 50% share for you. If cleaning is needed these items will be consigned at 40% share.
  • Small inexpensive items will be bulk purchased by CU rather than donated. These items are small and low in value such as magazines, toys, socks, etc.
  • During the inventory and pricing process CU staff occasionally discovers a flawed, damaged or slow selling item that was missed during the first sorting of your things. IF we find such an item, the CU staff will donate only these particular items that are not returned during the first sorting of your things. Examples include: Clothing with a stain, missing button, hole, older style etc. Items that are chipped, cracked, missing parts etc.; electronics not working.
  • We want to thank you for choosing Consignments Unlimited as a way to increase your income. You are joining thousands of fans in the reseller community by offering your great stuff. Please understand, CU makes no guarantee that your items will sell. We are committed to effective marketing that continues to reach new and repeat customers.

How do you get payments?

Payments are available after one month and at the expiration of your consignment.

  • One month payment must have earnings over $10.00.
  • At the expire date all earnings are payable, regardless of the cash balance.
  • Many clients choose to get earnings at the expire date.
  • Others use their earnings for credit applied toward store purchases. There is no minimum balance restrictions or pay out dates to use earnings for store credits.

Note: You are not required to be in on your pay dates to get your payments. The money is held in your account until you contact CU for payment. You will not lose your money if you forget or are late to pick up payments…..

You can choose to:

  • Pick up your payment
  • Call and request your payment be mailed to your current address.
  • Payments and credit purchases are conducted ONLY at the service counter.

What happens to your unsold consigned items at the expire date?

Please choose one option:

  • You do not want back. Your expired items may be donated, sold or disposed of.
  • You will pull and remove your unsold expired items from the store by the expire date. Please allow enough time to find your items. You are not obligated to remove all of our items. Items left after expired date are no longer in the computer system as active. There is no money applied to an expired account, should an item sell that is not picked up after it has expired.
  • You agree to not hold CU liable for expired items that you can not locate during the pulling. The staff will offer assistance to you in searching for an item that you can’t find. Some items are hard to find. Items that are “hiding” usually come out during purging and straightening times, “appearing” at the most unusual places.

Please understand you will not be paid for any items that you do not find.

Consignments Unlimited is committed to operating a secure and safe company to protect our patrons and the inventory. In the unlikely event LOSS or DAMAGE occurs to a consigned article through theft, vandalism, in store mis-haps, fire or other natural disasters I will not hold Consignments Unlimited liable.

This consignment agreement overrides and supersedes all preexisting contracts with Consignments Unlimited. Terms are subject to change. Notification of updates to our terms and conditions will be posted at the back service counter. For your convenience a full copy of the revised terms will be available upon request or online at http://www.consignmentsunlimited.com/terms

By signing this consignment agreement, you have given your consent to Consignments Unlimited to:

  • Offer the best of your items for sale. Donate any FLAWED, DAMAGED or UNSELLABLE items that is discovered at processing time.
  • Release your earnings upon request to you or an authorized party.
  • Be released of any liability due to loss or damage to your items.
  • Take responsibility to ask for revisions and updates of terms.

Descriptions of Terms

Description of pre-selling preparation at 30%

  • Needs cleaned, ironed, dusted, washed, loose parts bagged, jewelry, toys or other items needing specialty packaging. Basically, any preparation that was inadvertently or intentionally not done before consigning your items. The integrity and excellent CU standards are what makes us “not your ordinary store!”

Description of what happens to donated and unacceptable items

  • Donations presently are picked up by Believe in Blessings Thrift Store
  • Donations may go to other community causes, ministries or disaster efforts
  • Items may be placed in free bins or in the refuse disposal containers

Sales are scheduled monthly, weekly and seasonally based on inventory and market trends.

Special Events are offered as services to enhance the shopping experience. First Friday, Friends and Family, Pre-Black Friday, Christmas Splendor, Anniversary etc. are some of the traditional events that have been enjoyed by our shopping community.

Markdowns are based on date and tag color for reduction after items are in the store for the second month. These markdowns range from 25% to 50% off tag price.

Shoppers Item Fee is assigned to all consignment items. This is integrated into the items price the customer pays. The consignors % split for earnings is fully maintained.

Add Ons are items you bring to consign shortly after your last drop off. Add on items can be inventoried with the start date of your most recent consignment start date. This applies to Quick Drop also.

Store Credit is the money you have earned that is in your account. This is money that you may use on any purchases. Credit may not exceed the cash value in your account.

No Limit means you can have as many open selling dates as you want. You can bring in as many items to consign as you want. We are Unlimited for you.

File Updates: Please update when personal information or changes to selected procedures on your account are needed.

Consignments Unlimited eBay Guidelines:

Items that we list on eBay are items that we believe will earn a higher profit on a nationwide selling platform, rather than our local region.

Fees: eBay does have a fee that is applied to anything that we sell using their website. We do, however, received reduced fees because of our long-term listing status. We pay eBay fees for the sold item before we calculate consignor shares. We will only list an item on eBay if we believe that you will receive more money than you would if the item were being sold in the store.

Payouts: We process consignors’ eBay payouts at the end of every month. Any money received from sold items will be applied to your consignor account at this time.

eBay Consignment Length: Because listing on eBay is such a time consuming process (listing, photographing, measuring, cleaning, customer service, packing, shipping), we will give you 1 year to sell any items that we list on eBay. This will give us more time to see that our efforts pay off and that you receive the best profit.

Location: Our eBay warehouse is located in Millersburg, PA. Any items that we list are sent to our warehouse to be processed and stored until they sell.

Picking Up: If an eBay item doesn’t sell and you would like it back, please let us know at the end of your consignment. It may take up to one week for us to bring the item back to the store from our Millersburg warehouse. If will remain at our warehouse until you contact us. Once the item is transferred to Consignments Unlimited, we will call you to pick it up.